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Children in beds on the balcony at The Coast Hospital

Excursion Overview

Prince Henry Hospital Museum offers a Stage 2 school excursion experience for children in years 2 and 3 in the Randwick Council LGA. The experience covers several Key Learning Areas: Mathematics, PDHPE, Creative Arts, English, History, Science & Technology, and incorporating indigenous perspectives of history and culture.

Situated in one of the historic Flowers Wards of the former hospital, Prince Henry Hospital Museum preserves the history of NSW’s first infectious diseases hospital and chronicles the experiences of doctors, nurses, patients, staff and the wider community from its informal establishment in 1881, until the closure of the campus over 100 years later.

Children have the opportunity to gain an understanding of what life was like for staff and patients in the late 19th and 20th century, as science and medical knowledge advanced, conquering diseases that were once commonplace. Children will learn how they can protect themselves from common ailments using measures as simple as washing their hands.

Program Overview

Classes who attend the Prince Henry Hospital Nurses and Medical Museum will be given access to a digital portfolio of activities for students to complete at school*. This will include worksheets, assignments, lists of related texts, and more. Each will have scaffolding, black line markers, resources, and lesson guidelines. The activities are designed to be implemented as part of an integrated unit, covering many Key Learning Areas.

(*A USB stick with digital learning assets will be provided upon booking.)

Each of these activities is designed so that teachers/ stages/schools can use as much or as little of the provided work at their own discretion. The portfolio complements the excursion and allows students to continue to develop and deepen their understanding and knowledge, however it is not necessary to complete any of these activities in order to attend or appreciate the excursion

Program Details

The tour is divided into three sections with a trained guide for each area.

Lessons from History
Follow the timeline of the Coast Hospital /Prince Henry Hospital, from nursing smallpox patients on the beach at Little Bay in 1883 through to closure in 2002.

Posters depict the contagious diseases and pandemics that have been treated at the Hospital in the past and how people coped during these times. This puts Covid in context with what we are facing today, so children understand that pandemics are not new phenomena.
(Duration: 45 mins – 1hr 30 mins}

In Hospital
Students are immersed in hospital settings, with discussions about why children are admitted to hospital. They follow a patient with a broken arm through X-ray and surgery to allay fears and provide information and knowledge of procedures in hospitals.

They will:

  • Discuss medications, poisons and correct information provided
  • Experience a working Iron lung in action and learn why they were invented, and
  • Discuss occupations of hospital personnel as each department is visited.

(Duration: 45 mins – 1hr and 30 mins)

Students will have the opportunity to look down a microscope, examine X-rays, see how blood travels around the body, weigh babies, discuss the roles of hospital workers, measure fluids, handle medical equipment such as hip replacements and learn how many of these activities were documented.
(Duration: 45 mins – 1hr and 30 mins)

As per discussions with teaching staff prior to visiting, there will be time allocated for refreshments on the verandah. 

Book Your Excursion

To book call the museum coordinator 0424-660-376 or fill out the contact form below.

Download the Program Brochure

Excursion Details

Health & Safety

Students will receive an age-appropriate safety briefing at the beginning of the tour.

PHHM staff have access to first aid kits, hold current first aid certificates and are aware of emergency procedures.

PHHM staff have current Senior First Aid accreditation. They are experienced in working with groups of students and have knowledge of the building, exhibits and surrounds, including potential hazards. PHHM is committed to a Child Safe and Friendly Environment. Staff have completed a Working with Children Check.

PHHM staff are trained to deal with emergencies and emergency procedures are in place. Ongoing supervision of a student following first aid treatment will be the responsibility of the visiting school.

Risk Assessment

PHHM tour guides have the technical skill and experience to assess the risks and the benefits of a variety of activities delivered as part of our learning programs.

Teachers are invited to make their own risk assessment based on the information provided. Detailed potential risks and controls are provided for the site to assist teachers in risk management planning. Teachers and carers should be aware of and consider the needs, abilities and medical conditions of students when visiting this site. The supervision of students remains the responsibility of the teacher. The school must ensure an adequate number of adult supervisors are present.


Follow Anzac Parade to Little Bay, turn left into Pine Avenue and then right into Brodie Avenue. The museum entrance is on the left-hand side. Bus parking is available outside the front of the building by arrangement.

There is ample street parking for cars.