Miss Beryl Symons

20th March 1992 – 2nd January 1995

The 17th Director of Nursing Miss Beryl Symons R.N. R.M.N. Cert. Ward Management College of Nursing N.S.W., Diploma Nursing Administration C.N. (NSW) was appointed on 20th March 1992.

Beryl graduated in 1949 and except for 8 years gaining obstetric experience, working in United Kingdom, the U.SA., Canada and Mexico spent most of her nursing career at P.H.H. achieving expertise across many departments.

She was Permanent Sister in Urology, a Nurse Educator and Deputy D.O.N.. She also opened a Children’s Ward. 

Her personal nursing philosophy focused on the whole care and well being of the patient and the education of the nurse 

Beryl Symons retired on 2nd January 1995. 

She died in September 2023 and was honoured with funeral at The Coast Chapel.