Exhibition Credits

Bravery, Bandages and Bedpans was curated (in part) during the SARSCoV2 global public health crisis. Prince Henry Hospital Trained Nurses Association would like to acknowledge all the frontline health professionals working to keep Australians safe and healthy during this challenging time. This exhibition is dedicated to them, and all nurses past and present who have done their jobs with rigour and professionalism.


We would like to acknowledge the Phoon Family for their generous  donation.
Sponsorship was used towards the design and production
of the Display Canvases and Disease Posters.

Disease Posters: Gabriella Kontorovich  BMedSc UNSW,
Master of Global Health University of Barcelona

Graphic Design: Cristian Amunategui Gutierrez


…to all the PHHTNA Volunteers
who assisted in putting this Exhibition together.

Adrienne Pearson

John Pearson

Leonie Dunn

Alan Peacock

Ailsa Ransom

Anne Thompson

Carol Parker

Cathy Gleeson

Deidre Phoon

June Orsman

Maria Luff

Thanks to Dani Haski for her editing skills, design of posters
and working to present the Exhibition online.

Thanks the following organisations for their assistance:

  • The Police Association of NSW
  • Prince of Wales Hyperbaric Unit
  • Mudgee Local History Society

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