Five nurses graduate from Coast Hospital nursing school

The first five nurses graduated from Coast Hospital Training School after 3 years of practical training and lectures.  In December 1896 the first of yearly examinations were held in all subjects and five girls sat and passed.

The certificates were awarded on the marks gained; not on length of duty or seniority.

1896 1st graduating class of coast hospital nurses

1896 – The first graduating class of the Coast Hospital Nurses Training School. 

  • Recipient of certificate No. 1 was Helen Mary Halloway who had been appointed probationary nurse in December 1893, when she was twenty-three years of age.
  • Certificate No. 2 was awarded to Charlotte Lawson Dash, appointed probationer February 1893 when she was twenty. 
  • Charlotte Louise Hillsdon received certificate No. 3 and was twenty-two when she was appointed in July 1893. 
  • Catherine Cook Lumley joined the staff in December 1893 when she was years twenty-six. She received certificate No. 4.  
  • Evelyn Mance, appointed March 1894 aged twenty-two, gained certificate No.5. 

These five women were the vanguard of the thousands of nurses who would carry the standards set by their training school throughout Australia and beyond.

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